We Are Dedicated To Our Community

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high quality homeownership and financial education to the low and moderate income community. To identify and provide training opportunities for real estate professionals to better serve this community.

Along with that, our goal is to develop a united voice for all real estate professionals that will ensure the future growth and sustainability of Hispanic homeownership.

We Actively Support Our Community

Our Community Involvement

At HREBA we are highly active within the communities we serve. We love providing resources to help educate, promote, and support home ownership. We have recruited the best speakers and presenters to provide quality education at the many workshops we host.

We have conducted several homebuyer workshops to low and moderate income families in city schools. Through fundraising, education, and community outreach we hope to make a strong impact in the lives of the families we serve that will last for generations.

Homebuyer Workshops

HREBA has been instrumental in the community by participating and conducting Homebuyer Workshops to low and moderate income families in City Schools. We continue this effort on a quarterly basis with great success.

Monthly Lunch & Education

Each month, HREBA conducts a luncheon to bring the membership and other attendees together to learn about products, services, initiatives, and other important information within the County. The goal is that attendees use the information they learn to inform and educate members of the community we serve.

Partnerships In The Community

HREBA’s goal is to partner with other non-profit organizations in meeting its vision. We know that there is greatness in numbers and strive to make an impression within the community using its volunteer members.

Volunteer Opportunities

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for all HREBA’s efforts to be well known in the community. The functions of the committee include maintaining HREBA’s social media outlets including the HREBA website, communicating and promoting all HREBA educational and community events through social and print media. Bring your talent and join this committee.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will receive, review and process all membership applications. The committee has the important task of maintaining the membership database. The committee also produces the resource list of all paid members distributed at all community events.All HREBA members contribute to this committee…you can too!

Programs Committee

The Programs Committee is an integral part to the success of the monthly educational luncheons. These responsibilities include: procuring guest speakers for luncheons, managing the luncheon sponsorships, and managing the audio and visual equipment for each luncheon. This Committee also helps welcome all individuals at each luncheon. Join the Committee now!

Community Outreach Opportunities

The Community Outreach Committee is in the forefront towards the effort to educate the community we serve. The duties of this committee include building partnerships with other non-profit organizations to reach more of the community. Planning bilingual classes and curriculum to present to schools which we will introduce to students and their parents.You can make a difference… Join us!

Education Committee

The Education Committee has the important responsibility of organizing educational opportunities for HREBA members which include MCE classes and Financial training opportunities. This education will be used to further educate and coach the low and moderate income community. The education committee will also help recruit presenters and public speakers from HREBA members who will assist the Community Outreach efforts. Education is key! Join today!

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee has the responsibility of helping increase HREBAs financial position. Responsibilities include budgeting, help coordinate and execute all special and fundraising events. In addition, if the opportunity arises, this committee will complete and apply for available grant money.

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